Sunday, July 8, 2012

Out With The Old - In With The New

On the trip to Mather from San Antonio the folding camper – the Aliner – proved to be the less than perfect caravan for this summer trip.
Essentially the problem is the need to setup and tear down the caravan every time you want to get inside – it doesn’t matter for what.  It requires unlatching the top – erect it and the sides, cook lunch or access the fridge or whatever.  When finished you have then fold the sides and top back down.  Latch it and get on with the day’s travel.

What a PITA!

If – IF – you were just going to go camping for a few days and not travel this problem would not be a problem.  You arrive at the camp site, set the trailer up and then get on with the camping.  The trailer stays in one place and all the problems are nonexistent.
Arriving in Mather about 2-ish in the afternoon I started looking on Craigslist for a suitable replacement.
There were several in the price range – and a couple just on the too much side – but mostly too large for towing with the F150.
About 5pm I checked again and there was the perfect caravan – a used Casita 17’ Freedom Deluxe.  
I immediately called and arranged to go look at the trailer. 
It did not take but 15 minutes of looking to recognize that this was a very good caravan for my summer trip.  Perfect?  No, but it’s called compromise.
So there was some financial tap-dancing on Monday morning to get the cash but I brought it to Jeremiah’s home on Monday afternoon.
A bit of cleaning and then it was off to a local RV repair center to ensure that there were no major problems with the running gear – wheel bearing pack and electric brake adjustment.  I also installed a digital brake controller so that we would not have any preventable roadside “emergencies”.  Even though I’m an AAA RV member I do not want to call them.

So here’s the pics as I first saw it.

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