Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life - Not On The Road

The plan was for me to arrive in Mather on Friday 22nd.  My DiL – Jessica – was going to fly to New York with the youngest – Kinsley – to visit her parents for two weeks.
I was to be the designated caretaker of the three boys for the first week as Jeremiah still had to work.
But the problem with the Hard Krome exhaust pipes preempted all the plans to ride the California national parks, so I arrived a week early to deal with that problem.
And I also bought the new caravan – the Casita – to deal with the problem of the Aliner not being suitable for frequent travel.

The plan was to spend the days surrounding the 4th of July in the Sierra’s at a campground  near Bridgeport CA.  
That part of the plan occurred as planned – WOW!  Something that actually went as it should without any unusual drama.
First night in the campground – with 2nd grandson, Garrett.  This lounging chair position was a favorite each afternoon and evening when the campfire was lit.  

3rd grandson, Colton, with the Rainbow Trout that he and his dad caught.

Panorama of the valley that Bridgeport is in.  Our campsite is beyond the far right of the pic.

Kids – old and young – playing in the creek.

Sunset **

Brilliant Sunset **

We went to Bodie – a mining ghost town to the SE of Bridgeport.  About Bodie.
Panorama from near the remaining stamp mill
Window artifacts
Tattered curtains
Iris flowers
A nice ride to the cemetery
Not much left of this car - but it had a six cylinder engine
General store
Weathered siding
Panorama - looking SE
Panaorama of the high dry mountains near Bodie - ~7000 feet elevation
The next day we traveled south to Lee Vining - - for a gas fill up in the son’s SUV – 40¢ difference in the 25 miles between Bridgeport and Lee Vining.  $4.60 is still expensive – but $5.00 a gallon is robbery when in the flat lands of Sacramento gas is $3.55 at CostCo.
Mono Lake at Lee Vining.
Panorama - Mono Lake
 Anyway, we went up Lundy Lake Road into Lundy canyon.  Quite lovely.
Panorama - Beaver Pond
Small waterfall
Aspen burl - there were lots of these!
 Then we went up to Virginia Lakes – 9770’ elevation!  More than lovely – the area is absolutely gorgeous as you can see.
360º panorama - Upper Virginia Lake
Upper Virginia Lake
Wood swirls

Then we went into Bridgeport for their 4th of July parade.  There were other activities in the afternoon but the grands were being idiots and not worthy of these extra activities.  But we went back to a spot outside town to watch the fireworks.  Impressive for such a small town!

Colors Presentation **
Parades are for kids **
Horses - always horses!
Restored Stagecoach
Hot Rods and old cars are always part of the parade
Smokey The Bear
On Thursday Jeremiah rented a boat and we took a 4 hour cruise on lower Twin Lake.  Beautiful scenery and an enjoyable morning with the kids.
The jagged peaks are on the NE border of Yosemite NP

L-R - Trevor, Colton, Jeremiah, Garrett
Later that afternoon Jeremiah and Trevor went down the creek and caught more fish.  We froze about 20 and brought them back to the flat lands.
Trevor and fish
On Friday we left the highlands and on the way down to Mather I stopped at a couple of view points for these panoramas.
Antelope Valley
Carson Pass - 7990' elevation
So… That brings this blog up-to-date and the next posts can be from my actual travels – and MC rides!

** Picture credit to Jeremiah

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip Leo. How lovely to be retired and off on a road trip. This time next year, I will be too.