Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1 – Friday June 8th

Awoke at my usual 05:20-ish having to pee.  It’s hell getting old and the bladder not being as elastic as it once was.

Tried to go back to sleep but unsuccessful, so up and about by 6.  Loaded everything – MC included – by 7:30.  All hooked up and ready to roll by 8:10.  Goodbyes and pictures took a couple minutes so pulled out of the driveway of 8607 at 08:20 Friday June 8th 2012 – 4 days later than planned.

By the time I had stopped by the bank, got fruit and other groceries, topped off with gas it was 10:35 when I hit I10 westbound.

I set the cruise on the speedometer at 62 – GPS said it was 68.  This 10% speedo error is new as it was not there when I brought the truck back from Vegas. I wonder if the slightly oversize rear tires I put on contribute?  Maybe it’s a calibration thing with the PU’s computer.

Filled with gas at Fort Stockton – only 13.25 MPG @ 64-65 MPH on the GPS.

Now typing this settled in for the night at Davis Mountains State Park.  Overcast with a wonderfully cool breeze.  Just ate some beef and rice.  Caravan plugged in to the electricity and the AC has cooled the interior so it should be cool enough to need a light blanket tonight.

Tonight would be really pleasant – if it wasn’t cloudy so I could see the Milky Way and if the damn midges and flies weren’t so overbearing.  The flies being a great reason to want a different campsite that’s not so plagued with them.

Davis Mountains State Park - Dry and desolate huh?

Had to drive to to of mountain to get a cell signal.

Cooking dinner

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