Sunday, May 20, 2012


Not a total stranger - but nothing more than an acquaintance really, asked "Why?"

Why are you doing this?  This sell most stuff, get the rest to the son's place and then ride off on the motorcycle?

'It's an adventure' wasn't the sort of answer he was wanting.   So, I really didn't know how to answer and the conversation went on from there.  And in the intervening months I've not seen the guy again.  I'm not going back to find him now that I've found the answer.

On this blog - 40on2 - the author told me the answer of why I'm doing this.  I've highlighted the really relevant paragraph.

"Shoot For No Regrets
I've spent a lot of time lately visiting my mother who just turned 90 years old.  She lives now at an assisted living residence, or as we used to say "the old folks home."  

Mom’s had a good life, is well loved by her family, and she and my dad traveled quite a lot over the 64 years they were married. 
I like to ask the people I meet at the retirement place about their life and give them a chance to talk.  Often no one really talks to them or asks them much of anything beyond the banal “How are you feeling today?”  

A few, like “Smitty,” who was part of the Anzio landing in WWII, or the very talkative lady who doesn't remember much but remembers performing on Broadway in the 50's, have had pretty amazing lives.  They DID things and saw things that became a part of them, and they remember those things.  And their kids and grandkids and great-grandkids might even remember someday. 

Sadly, most have no great stories, none beyond the fact that they worked and raised kids who hate to visit them now, or worse.  A few wrinkled faces sometimes look regretful about their lack of adventures.  That regretful look is painful to see because there is no way to undo it and they seem know they could have done things, could have had adventures, but didn't.

I believe that long time motorcycle riders have the spirit to do more than merely live.  Try not to be one of those who regrets what they did not do."
So... I'm doing the 'no regrets' thing and I'm also gonna have some stories to tell 25 years from now when I can no longer sit astride the bike and go have another wonderful day riding.

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