Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyone Needs Goals and Purpose

I had not noticed it until lunchtime today, an odd bit of behavior that is.

I’ve been living in San Antonio for 11 years now, since May of 2001.  In that time I’ve found some favorite places to eat.  Some have been and gone, some have remained.

Those that are still around have been getting a visit from me over the past couple months – since it was certain that I would not remain in SA, but move on to other places and other experiences.

So… at lunch I visited another of the favorite restaurants that are local only.  Slurping the great strawberry milkshake I realized that will be part of my quest for the next years – finding other places that make a great milkshake!

It gives my life purpose!

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  1. In his late 60s my dad, not terribly well but still very independent of mind, spent most of a year with his motorbike, a tiny tent and an army surplus sterno cooker touring New Zealand ( where we live) looking for the best meat pie in the country.

    Of course you can really only properly appreciate eating one a day, so the schedule was not hard, his camping gear and baggage all fitted into two small saddlebags and could be packed in minutes, the bike was always ready to move so there were no stresses or priorities other than where was the next shop that cooked its own pies.
    As good a reason to just gently mosey through life as any I've heard.
    His only regret was that he did not live long enough to do the same with Ice creams. He missed dessert.

    John W