Monday, April 9, 2012

Time To Grow – Again

Bri and I were having a discussion where I was telling her about an epiphany I’d had in the middle of the night.  In just a few weeks I will be homeless – by choice.  We talked about how the unknown and unfamiliar is always scary.
Yeah, I know.  I’ve got the truck and trailer and I’m traveling by choice so in a way I am not really homeless.
But in reality I will be.  I’ll have no fixed address.  No ‘roof’ that I will return to when the travel is over.  Since getting out of the Navy in January of 1978 I have provided a fixed place to call home – rented from a landlord or from the mortgage company – for me and family.  In a few weeks that phase of life will be over – or at least on a lengthy hiatus. 
As Bri wrote in a follow-up email – “Although all this is scary, on the other hand I am convinced you are full of curiosity and anticipation to see new things.  Now your time has come, you had to wait so long for it.  And to live some time as a nomad will bring you so much positive experiences.  Time to 'grow' again."

Smart, insightful lady, my Bridget.


  1. I'm with Bri. She nailed it. You will have great times ahead.

  2. Home will be where your head is, your home is both much smaller and much larger than it was. One thing is for sure, it will take a lot less of your time and resources to finance and maintain which leaves you a lot more for living and life.

    John Welsford