Sunday, March 18, 2012


Books.  Clothes.  Tools.  Pots and pans.  Knives.  Frozen food.  Furniture.  Computer gear.  Personal papers.

Just Stuff. 

Moving on from being in one location for years to a new location is an exercise in evaluating the stuff that accumulates as one lives in one place for years.

What is important and what is not?  Hurrumph.  It was all important once.  Now?

How does one sort the stuff that has been life? 

Old directions.  Old hobbies.  Old learning.

That's a perfectly wonderful winter coat, but do I need a heavy winter coat if I do not intend to live in the snow and cold?

All those mundane objects are relatively easy to deal with, but tools.  Tools have been my life - professionally and personally.

Oh, the machinist tools are easy-ish.  Don't need the micrometers and such.  The 3/4" heavy-duty socket set is a no-brainer.  The years and years of accumulated nuts and bolts are gonna go too.  But all these tools going out of my life is like losing an old friend that was always there when needed.

Too much stuff.  Too many memories.  Too little time for a proper goodbye.

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