Monday, February 13, 2012

New Directions

Well - get handed lemons, make lemonade.

Laid off today.

Boss was hard on my case last year.  But as you might have guessed from reading these entries, 2011 was not the kindest year in my life.  But, that didn't matter to her.  Rah, rah and rah. Had a 1:1 meeting just a few days ago and she wasn't as hard-core critical as she had been just a month before.  So, kinda suspected it was coming. 

Once it was common knowledge a couple weeks ago that there were lay-offs in the works I brought most of my important personal stuff home.

So - between the severance package - OK, not great and (hopefully) 26 weeks of unemployment I'll make it until the house sells - that fact hopefully sooner than later.

But no matter as I start (again hopefully) my pension from a previous job in December and I'm also eligible for SS in December, albeit at a 75% rate.

Between the two I can and will survive - and maybe even be happier!

See the previous post to know the source of that happiness!

On to new adventures and other exciting times!

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