Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I bought a bike

These two pictures sum up - at least in my mind - why I bought a motorcycle.

Out in the Hill Country west of San Antonio - on Ranch Road 337 - a big right hand (from that direction, east to west) sweeper of a corner.

I'm going back again on Sunday.  Yes, it's that addicting of a road.  

Tight corners at 15 MPH.  Big sweepers at 45.  And I 'spose were I a young-gun I'd be a crotch rocketeer and make the 15 MPH corners into 30's and the big sweepers into 70's.

But as you can see from the bike - a Suzuki C50 Boulevard cruiser style - I'm a little more laid back in my doddering old age.

So, while I can I will.  For someday - hopefully in the far distant future - there will come a day when I can't.

But for now, it's joy unleashed.

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