Thursday, August 25, 2011

Motorcycles & Courage

As I write this I'm 60 years, 9 months, 4 days old.

Most folks might think that I should know better.

But about six weeks ago I went and purchased a new motorcycle.

A Suzuki C50SE Boulevard.  That's a 50 cubic inch - 805 cc - cruiser style bike.

 This picture is from my first ride - to the iconic wide spot in the road - Luckenbach Texas.

I am adding a significant amount of aftermarket accessories to make the bike into exactly what I want in a motorcycle.

In a later post I'll provide details and pictures once the process is complete.

Suffice to say for now that buying the bike correlates closely with my first post about courage. 

I'm not ready to go easily from this earthly plane and while I'm here and physically capable I'm gonna go have some fun - and riding a motorcycle is - for me - lots and lots of fun.

The point of this blog is to provide a spot to share adventures and thoughts.  Plans and foibles.  The major successes and the lesser.  Document serendipity.  Comment on man's fate - La Condition Humaine.

So check in from time to time as this blog begins its journey documenting all that and more.

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